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Tax Credits & Reimbursements in COVID-19 Legislation - Shared screen with speaker view
Andy Reed
Pediatric dental office here. We closed on 3/16. I am prepared to furlough my entire team. ARE THEY or ARE THEY NOT covered for FFCRA if they are furloughed? If they are does the timing of that furlough action matter?
Andy Reed
Also under 50 and also possible “healthcare professional” so we may not even follow this but then all they get is unemployment. This is so confusing!!
Cecily McSurdy
Will DPS adjust the taxes sent to the IRS on our behalf to cover Esick leave or E-FMLA?
Jennifer Tomlin
For the 2/3 pay when day care is closed, does the employee have to take all 10 days at one time or can they take it as separate days. Example they only need two days a week that they couldn’t find child care
Marlene Guillen
If a company is forced to furlough and have to continue paying health benefits (both employer portion and employee portion) will the company be reimbursed for those expenses with the healthcare expense credit?